salon de asia

Price List

■New Thai style
(90 minutes, 120 minutes course with footbath, dry head massage)

Asian inspired room that doesn’t feel like being in Japan.
In this area our customers change into Thai pants, creating the feel of being away from reality for awhile.
We approach firmly to your body's stiffness and tiredness, but unlike the "Thailand style", the salon de Asia original’s "New Thai style" is a massage that isn’t rough or painful but relaxes and stretches the body.
By applying moderate pressure, the circulation of lymph is improved, making the body feel refreshed. Perfect for those who feel their body is heavy or fatigated.
Please rest your mind and body while enjoying the Asian world.

  • 60min 7,740 yen
  • 90min 11,030 yenRepeat rate : No. 1
  • 120min 13,940 yen
  • 10min extension 1,100yen

■Aroma massage
(90 minutes, 120 minutes course with footbath, dry head massage)

You can choose your favorite scent from among 10 or more kinds of aroma according to " the mood of the day" or the desired "effect for the body".。 You might have heard about aroma massages, but the point is that our massages incorporates Asian manual techniques.We use oil to drain the lymph leading to the elimination of toxins from the body. There’s a positive effect on swelling reduction and fat burning as well, due to the blood circulation improvement.<.
We have adopted a finger by finger massage that doubles your comfortability, performing slowly shiatsu (finger-pressure treatment) while using a hot moisturizing towel or even footbathing..
In addition, to treat the location of your body tiredness, we will ask the intensity desired in advance so the massage become unique to each customer. Please enjoy your own scent, space and massage.

  • 60min 9,430 yen
  • 90min 13,440 yenRepeat rate : No. 1
  • 120min 16,980 yen
  • 10min extension 1,100 yen

■Head & Foot massage

Warm your head with a hot towel, massaging the whole head by a wave-like rhythm and moderate strength pressure..
Also we realise a massage around the ears, stretching from the neck to the shoulders d to make you feel more comfortable and refreshed once it’s finished..
It is said that body fatigue comes from the brain. By approaching and treating brain fatigue, leads to improvement of sleepiness, eye fatigue, headache, and general fatigue relief..
Is a popular hidden course, please experience this massage that most clients almost fall asleep with.

In an elegant space, first we will slowly massage from the knee and down using oil.
While firmly treating the swelling, tension and languor of the legs,taking it away while relaxing.
the pressure is applied to the bottom of the foot, which is the place that supports most of the body weight, the point is that we carefully apply a finger by finger massage.
In the second part, head massage regular’s popular course from the salon de Asia allows you to drain lymph and waste from toes to head, leading to a refreshing and resting feeling of the lower body.

  • Head massage 30min 3,020 yen
  • Head & Foot massage 60min 7,010 yen

■Lympha massage

Relaxation and Beauty ☆ ★ realized by beauty salon products is a very luxurious course!
Special massage from neck to whole face eliminating swellings and stiffness by beauty care products, using luxurious moisturizing creams , lift ups, face reduction effects, skin care etc … there are multiple effects ♪ Actually,It is a popular course to many customers who receive only this course and are addicted to it.
In addition to Thai new style course and aroma course, the luxury long course is also popular♪

  • Lympha massage 60min 8,250 yen